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Quest Suggestion # 1 Empty Quest Suggestion # 1

Name of quest : Frozen Abyss

Location: On a future beach side.

Information: I'm putting a part A and B Scenario's , Whatever Is better will be the way the quest goes.

Step1:You approach A man name "Styx" , Or a women named "Nile". As you speak to him he begins to tell you about his Oceanic adventures over the region on Joleon. He tell you that he is currently unable to set out for open sea's again , because his Tugboat of a Pokemon(Lapras) is currently not available.So until it is back in his presence he is Land Locked. He ask you to help him find it. He gives you Some Pacific Seaweed, Feed this to lapras when you find it , he will know that its from me. Also take his ball so you can bring it back to me

Step2a: Looking for clues- You notice there are some foot tracks left in the sands of the beach , eventually leading to the way of the town.

Step2b - you notice the there is a track left back by where the Lapras has squirmed off to , you follow the tracks into the town.

Step 3 - following the investigation- You make your way into the town that the tracks led into, You ask the towns folk about if they have seen a pokemon or any suspicious folk around town. One lady Will tell you that she has seen...

Part A - She will say the she has seen a Couple of creeps , enter and leave town with a crate that seemed to have water dripping from the bottom. She says that they have left To the wilderness north of town.

Part B - She will tell you that last night when she was out on a stroll she seen a figure moving around in the town , it was singing some kind of "Sirens Song". She seen it go into the forest to the west of the Town.

Step 4- Confrontation- you go either north or west of the village to Confront the Culprit/s or Find the Lapras.

Step 4a- Culprits -you went the north path. YOU DIE! not really lol. You wander kinda far north of the village you find the Culprit talking to his Partner. They are Poke snatchers

Culprit one- This Lapras shall fetch a hefty price in the poke-black market, now help me load this heavy guy into the truck.

Culprit two- Here's an idea , that lapras is probably worth more in pieces then in a whole. I hear lapras shell goes for quite a lot now that the Economy is coming back.

Culprit one - Great idea , I should listen to you more often, but now seriously get this in the truck.

At this point you intervene , you Fight the two one at a time
Culprit one- Team: Sneasel , Jynx and seel.
Culprit two- Team: Jynx , Swinub and Vaporeon.

You beat the two, and release lapras from his cage. But it still looks frightened and is about to release an attack, but suddenly it goes for your bag and eat the Seaweed that the other gave you.The Lapras is alot calmer and allows you to put it in its ball. You go back to the beach


Part 4b you chose the path to the West, YOU DIE AGAIN!, not really. You venture in the forest and come up on a ice trail as you venture down into the forest even further, you manage to find Lapras.the Lapras is hurt badly as you get closer wild pokemon leap out of the grass and attack you. Instead of wild pokemon , there could be a npc tree that owns them and you battle it.

Team - Fortress, Pinsir , ariados and a Scyther.

You finish the battle and rush over to the lapras , but it is hurt badly and needs medical attention. you leave the seaweed at the pokemons head.

Part4b -Help- you rush back to Styx and Tell him that that lapras is hurt and needs help , as you make your way back to the forest , at the begining you see that lapras waiting for you,

Styx: Haha , thats my boy! I told you he was a "Tugboat" of a pokemon , he must of been hungry that's all , the seaweed you left him must of been enough to get him going again. But why did you venture all the way out here from the sea.

Lapras: Weee-oooohh-weeee

Styx: I see , you truly are an adventurer haha, you know sea the the back of your flipper but now you want to see the land aswell hehe , but next time bring along me so this doesn't happen again, Now ( trainers name) please put lapras in the ball and return it to me. Meet me by the beach later I got something for you.

Part 5- Rewards-

You go back to the beach and give back the ball to Styx , He thanks you greatly , he tell you that now he is able to set out for the ocean again, He doesn't have anything to offer you because his house is on an island ,and its high tide .

He tells you that he can give you a very good discount on rides to parts of joleon that only his lapras can surf too.

Quest complete.
Reward - Able to go into the farther parts of joleon region that normal pokemon cant, which would allow you to catch rarer pokemon and explore even more.

This quest could also offer surf as an HM.

I was thinking that the Ice town would be a Frozen Glacier that floats in the ocean and that this quest is the only way that you can get to it , from the lapras's back.


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Quest Suggestion # 1 :: Comments


Post on Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:16 pm  Accountnottaken

Luke here,i just wanna start off by saying i have this idea for an awesome chance to get one of the 3 legends entei,raikou,or suicune were once after u get 6th badge theres a 5-15%(let the people decide somewhere around there chance) that u get taken to this scene where u are just walking along a random route/or location and then some random guy running bumps into you and gets back up and takes off dropping 10-15 ultraballs which ur avatar then picks up and continues walking until he moves on to next area where theres an unmapped area where standing infront of you are three cavern mouths, one mouth covered by ice,another fire,and another static electricty flowing around mouth and u can choose which one u want to enter so ur guy then walks inside and encounters random pokemon relating to attribute of whatever was around the mouth of the cave until he/her then reaches the end of the cave and then meets with the boss pokemon (entei,raikou,or suicune) then ur guy enters into battle wit the pokemon and has to battle until the legend is almost near death or however u want it then u must use only the 10-15 ultraballs u picked up from the guy running away and try to capture the legendary!!!
i think its a pretyy neat and creative idea tell me what u think and i hope to see it added in game if so
cya soon when serves back up!! Luke aka DA KING!!! king
*Garados owns* Cool

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Post on Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:23 pm  Nen

that quest is already in the system once you get 7 badges

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Post on Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:26 pm  Accountnottaken

lol it is? sorry i didnt kno dont want any1 thinking im tryna steal ideas but i still think its prety cool thx for informing me tho
*Garados owns* Cool

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Post on Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:42 pm  Riddler

Riddler here , just saying , post idea's in a thread of thier own.

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