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     Global announcement:
    So I just stumbled upon this forum again today. I doubt anyone here still uses it, but I'm sure you'll all stumble upon it sometime again too.

    I wanted to say thank you to you all for being part of this experience. Pokemon Origins was a big part of my life at one point. It may have never been completed, but I achieved great things thanks to the support of the player base. I'm glad now that I am older though, and can move on with my life. I hope all the best for you. Feel free to message me your contact details if you would like to stay in touch.

    For one last time, Cheers.

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    This was creepy

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    [/b]The quest starts out when you get word from officer Jenny Saying that the jail has been having problems with one particular inmate

    Quest Ideas 2v2jsq0

    After you hear about whats been going on you go to see for yourself.You finally arrive at the jail and there's no one there to greet you and you don't see any guards Quest Ideas 332q7hz

    You wonder around the jail for a while and u see an old man (inmate) and he tells you that he needs...

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    Name of Quest: Rare Candy Hunt
    Location of Quest: In the desert near Mirage City


    1. Go to the desert and talk to Jake. He's going to reply with "Now where could they be...", then he notices you and says "Oh hi, you haven't seen any rare candy around here, have you? I lost some while I was walking through the desert training my pokemon. If you can help me find all 10 pieces, I'll give you a reward."

    2. He gives you a small shovel which you will use to dig in the spot in front of you to find a rare candy. It'll be like finding a wild in the grass, except...

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    Name of quest : Desert Marauders

    Location :desert
    Requirements: Beaten the Gym in Mirage city.

    Step 1 :After you beat the Mirage city gym leader , as far as I know of he will give you a fossil. Once you leave the gym A group of desert people (marauders) will stop you. They will demand that you give them the fossil or else you will be beaten senseless. So you hand the fossil to them and they disappear into the desert.After That the gym leader will come outside the gym and asked what was that noise out here.You tell him that the marauders stole your fossil.He Laughs and...

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    Name of quest:Napping Nuisance!

    Location: Pokemon Ranch

    Step one: you are on your path to adventuring when suddenly , you come by a ranch with those farm type pokemon , you know Tauros ,miltank ,kangahskan and Duduo's. In a Fence. You walk into the farmhouse and talk to the owner , Bradley.

    Bradley , Hey there traveler hows your pokemon adventure going. it seems you have been lucky enough to land on my ranch , I call it the Branch ranch. lately our season is going good , the tuaros are plowing faster then ever and the miltanks are practically oozing with milk now...

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  • 20120225
    Name of quest : Frozen Abyss

    Location: On a future beach side.

    Information: I'm putting a part A and B Scenario's , Whatever Is better will be the way the quest goes.

    Step1:You approach A man name "Styx" , Or a women named "Nile". As you speak to him he begins to tell you about his Oceanic adventures over the region on Joleon. He tell you that he is currently unable to set out for open sea's again , because his Tugboat of a Pokemon(Lapras) is currently not available.So until it is back in his presence he is Land Locked. He ask you to help him...

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    Name of Quest: Pokeball Emergency!
    Location of Quest:N/A

    Information: Your Battling Wild Pokemon when you realize its about to faint


    1. While fighting a wild pokemon you try send out a pokemon but forget to use the switch, You pick it up and send it out (idk the button that sends out)
    3. Fight until your pokemon fainted or is near faint
    4. You realize the pokeball is broken and then battle wild pokemon (just like the omar quest)
    5. Survive the attack and go to the pokemon center. (note: you cannot use...

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    Name of Quest: Brotherly Blunders!
    Location of Quest: Ridgeport Shipyard

    (...) = Cutscenes and active parts of the quest

    (As the player approaches 2 NPCs are in the middle of a fight and dont notice him approach at first. The Two are infact Brothers and are complete opposites. One relies on his muscles for results while the other relies on his brains.)

    1) I've met Marcus and Marco. It seems they were argueing because there precious family heirloom, The Heart Crystal, was stolen by the crime organization, Team Rocket.
    They've asked me to help them find...

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    Please follow this format for submitting Quest Ideas.

    Name of Quest:
    Location of Quest:

    Steps: Please put a step by step instruction on how the quest would be played out. For example

    1. Talk to Wayne the Bloomsberry Gymleader
    Wayne will tell you that he will not challenge you unless you have a Good Rod or better. He will refer you to the Fishing Guru.

    2. Talk to Fishing Guru
    Fishing Guru will introduce himself and give you Old Rod. Challenges you to reel in 20 Pokemon.


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