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Jail Break Quest Empty Jail Break Quest

[/b]The quest starts out when you get word from officer Jenny Saying that the jail has been having problems with one particular inmate

Jail Break Quest 2v2jsq0

After you hear about whats been going on you go to see for yourself.You finally arrive at the jail and there's no one there to greet you and you don't see any guards Jail Break Quest 332q7hz

You wonder around the jail for a while and u see an old man (inmate) and he tells you that he needs your help clearing his name

Jail Break Quest 2qxt0nn

He tells u the location to his pokemon he stashed away in a old abandoned Cabin in the middle of the dessert.

After walking threw team rocket cave and skysight u make it too mirage city and wonder until you find the Cabin broken and dusty ready to callape

Jail Break Quest 339m3x1

When you enter the cabin you will have to collect his pokeballs Jail Break Quest Azjwxs and then find the other 3 that are scattered around the map

Jail Break Quest 2laygqt

After you finally return and give him the pokeballs Jail Break Quest 2aihs7p he starts to laugh and says " HAHAHA you idiot your not helping me to clear my name your helping my escap.Figures a little squirt like yourself would fall for something so obvious" then he sends out electabuzz and escapes and flys off on a Pidgeot

U run after him and meet up with officer jenny she was very shocked and said " ::Player name:: Whats going on i heard a big crash" ::Player name:: says"its that prisoner u were talking about earlyer he escaped officer jenny says"WHAT?!?! how did he manage to escape ::player name:: says" well......i kinda got his pokemon for him. Officer jenny says"What why in the heck would you do that ::Player name:: He said he was innocent. Officer jenny says" Well did it strike u he was in a prison for some reason -.- ::player name:: says" haha maybe your right. Officer jenny says" OF COURSE AM RIGHT. Ok we have to Go after him ::Player name says" right.

Officer jenny follows you and is your partner such as how *Ray* did.

You finally caught up to him and Officer jenny asks for your help taking him down so you tag battle him 2 vs 1
Jail Break Quest 219vtr9

If u win the tag battle u will be rewarded with 1500 pokedollars and a flame wheel tms (sounds about fair)

And if u so happen to lose the battle Officer Jenny says" WOW!!! ::Players name:: You let that criminal escape now who knows what hes going to do you really screwed up this time. Now Go get out of my face.

Thanks for reading Hope you consider using my Quest Idea

Jail Break Quest 2d7zpdw

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Jail Break Quest :: Comments

Zero Familon

Post on Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:13 pm  Zero Familon

I actually like the majority of this quest. The prison idea is a good one. Altho, the part where u help him escape is kinda weird to me. At this point, you would be an accomplice and I don't think a police officer is gonna forgive u for something like that just because you said " Oopsie, I r stupid". I think instead. After the criminal gets away, you get arrested for helping him. After that you must somehow escape and recapture the criminal to clear your name.

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Post on Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:20 pm  Lazyboyzay

In a way i sorta agree with you but i only put it like that because it would be more accomidating to people that don't understand what the quest is really about but am completly going to use ur ideas while am editing

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