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Desert Marauders  Empty Desert Marauders

Name of quest : Desert Marauders

Location :desert
Requirements: Beaten the Gym in Mirage city.

Step 1 :After you beat the Mirage city gym leader , as far as I know of he will give you a fossil. Once you leave the gym A group of desert people (marauders) will stop you. They will demand that you give them the fossil or else you will be beaten senseless. So you hand the fossil to them and they disappear into the desert.After That the gym leader will come outside the gym and asked what was that noise out here.You tell him that the marauders stole your fossil.He Laughs and says " Well they cant do anything with the old rock , unless they go to the fossil revival building , you should head over there quickly before they steal your fossil forever".

Step 2: You scurry quickly to the revival building and once you get there you find two marauder lackeys sitting outside the building and once you arrive in front of them , it initiates a battle , after the battle you head inside to find one elite marauder guard in front of the entrance way to the scientist lab this initiates another battle. After this battle you approach the scientist and marauder leader and the fossil has been revived , Once the leaders see's you he disappears again. you speak tot he scientist and he ask if you have any idea about what just happened. You tell them that they have just stole that fossil and now they have ran away again. The Scientist tell you that he overheard the leader and the one of the lackeys , he tells you that he heard them say something about the sand cavern and to go check that area out.

(this is just the beginning feel free to offer suggestions to what could happen next or change something that has happened)



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