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Rare Candy Hunt Empty Rare Candy Hunt

Name of Quest: Rare Candy Hunt
Location of Quest: In the desert near Mirage City


1. Go to the desert and talk to Jake. He's going to reply with "Now where could they be...", then he notices you and says "Oh hi, you haven't seen any rare candy around here, have you? I lost some while I was walking through the desert training my pokemon. If you can help me find all 10 pieces, I'll give you a reward."

2. He gives you a small shovel which you will use to dig in the spot in front of you to find a rare candy. It'll be like finding a wild in the grass, except there'll be a lot smaller of a chance to "spawn" a rare candy. Different spots will have different chances of spawning candy, so people wouldn't just stay in 1 spot to find one.

3. Once you find 10 pieces, go back to Jake. When you talk to him he'll say "Oh great! You found them! Since you've been so kind, I'll let you have 3."

4. Recive the 3 rare candies from Jake.

5. After this, you get to keep the shovel and you can use it to dig up even more rare candy, except the chance of spawning one will be even SMALLER. Very rare.

3 rare candies and a shovel to dig up even more. I also suggest that you code in that people can't use these candies on pokemon over level 50 so people with level 80 Tyranitars or level 117 Gyarados don't get 3 easy levels, lol.

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Post on Mon May 21, 2012 7:38 pm  Death

Yeah we should do that

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