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Post  Zero Familon on Sat Aug 23, 2014 12:09 pm

This is a forum based event for those with a creative side. Recently I've seen some players who icon just as well if not better then myself. I thought it would be fun to see what other people are able to icon. I'll give a list of 5 or so moves and anyone can make icons for them. If it works out I may do more rounds.

50 Event Tokens per winning icon.

1)You May only submit 1 icon for each move.
2)You can make icons for as many of the moves on the list as you like.
3)The icon must be done by hand. Not ripped from another game or source.

Just because you make an icon does not mean it will be in the game. I will be critiquing your work. If I find some that are impressive, I may pass it along to lwo and Richie. But the final say is theres.


1) Iron Tail

2) Overheat

3) Blizzard

4) Jump Kick(or Hi Jump Kick)

5) Swagger

6) Seismic Toss

To Submit Your Work: Send Completed Icons to ZeroXDX@Hotmail.com. Also, In order to give other players/contestants a viewing of ur work. It would be nice if you could post 1 or 2 states of your icon on the forum. Though, to protect your work, I ask that you don't display the entire thing here.

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