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Post  Alexander on Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:24 pm

This contest is going to be rather unique. It basically is going to give a chance to ask me questions and I will answer them. Each person can submit 5 questions each, which will all be posted here, with the answers. The catch is this: The 15 top questions, whoever asked them, will receive a level 10 Pokemon of their choice. The only rules are that you only get 5 questions each, and that you must ask questions that pertain to the game or myself. The contest will end on Saturday May, 5th, 2012. Feel free to PM the questions, or simply ask them on this thread.



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Post  Alexander on Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:31 pm


Red Text = This person asked the question first
Blue Text = This person asked the same question, but was not first
Italicized Text = This question was paraphrased, because the question was too long or confusing
Bold Text = The question asked...

What inspired you to make Pokemon Origins? (asked by Riddler Aleks, and bastek)
When I was the owner of a game called Hogwarts: A History, I was surfing around some Pokemon games just for fun. Another developer I knew (who wasn't very good, to be honest) was on with me, and we talked about the flaws of most Pokemon games. I basically planned most of the gameplay that day, and then we thought we'd try making a Pokemon game together. I eventually left her, after she provided me with all the turf sets.. From there, I developed some basic attacks like scratch and tackle. I put up a server and people liked it.

What do you plan on doing about the recent low player count? (asked by Zero and Riddler)
I have been worrying about this for a while now, but I can see the low player count being based on three things. First, I am not on enough to update as I once was, which leaves people feeling discouraged. Second, the game is unfinished. Fact. Third, summer is right around the corner. Players will flood in once they get off school and stay on their computers all summer with nothing to do! But basically, I am working to redo the Tutorial to be more user friendly to encourage new players to stay with us. As well, I plan on adding things to constantly do, even after you have completed the current storyline.

Well some players just find certain pokemon too strong or OP ,
Are you planning to do anything to "balance" some pokemon?
(asked by Riddler)
This has never really been brought up. Sure, some pokemon have always been stronger than others, but it doesn't mean there is a set party of 6 that beats all else. Some people have told me to raise the speed of fully evolved Pokemon, and I plan on doing that. However, extensively, those are little tweaks that need to be done when less pressing things (like finishing all the gyms) are finished.

Now that you have finished schooling , how much extra time do you think you will actually be putting into the game? (asked by Riddler)
School was the biggest thing keeping me from working on the game, that and a social life. This summer though I can promise an almost full commitment to the game. Remember I will be working to though.

What came first the chicken or the egg? (asked by Riddler)
Evolution points to the chicken.

How did you learn to code BYOND script? (asked by Bastek and Flamegame)
Before I worked on games, I played this one game a lot called Harry Potter: The Wizard Chronicles. Looking back now, I see that the game is.. crap. It has horrible graphics, horrible code, and the map is kind limited. It had a great community though. Basically, I wanted the game to move forward, and it didn't. What ended up happening was me and a few friends from the game (Zero, Mega Joe, and Max Quickstaff), wanted to make our own game to prove that TWC could be better. Zero and I were doing graphics, and Max and Joe were gonna code. What ended up happening was me doing small things here and there, and Max (who was our coding genius) would correct me when he got a chance with the source. Over the course of about 3 years, I reached the level I am today, at a casual pace.

How long do you plan to work on the game? (asked by Bastek)
I honestly can't answer this. I don't think I can quit BYOND. As long as it exists, I shall be here. I've just put too much time into it to let this part of my life go to waste. And its not like I have outgrown it yet, so I will keep working on the game until an undecided point where it no longer interests me. I have quit a few times though, but I always come back..

What is your favourite Pokemon in the game? (asked by Bastek)
I am a big fan of Butterfree, simply for its move set. I only wish it had better stats, but that's what owner privileges are for!

How old are you? (asked by bastek)
21 Years of age, as of June 25th, 2012.

Why do we have barely any players, when Origins is amazing and highly sophisticated, while other shitty Pokemon games get up to 30 players each day? (asked by Zero)
I've done my research, and here are the main reasons. 1) Origins just isn't finished. Who wants to play an unfinished game. Its not finished for good reason, because I expect certain standards.. but ya. 2) People like things that come easy to them. A lot of the other shitty Pokemon games are able to spam or marco verbs to train. On top of that, they don't like the complexity that Origins offers.. even if it is better. 3) A lot of people just play because their friends do, and sometimes a large group of friends can huddle on one game. Zero, you for example, started playing because I made the game. On PRAT, there is a friend group that is roughly 15 people. It ensures that they will always play and keep the player count high. Its sad to say, but Origins community can be quiet and lonely at times..

If you could change anything about what you did, working on Pokemon Origins, what would you change? Why? (asked by Zero)
I would go back to the very beginning, and plan this from the start. I've remap the game 3 times. I've started over (from scratch) once. At one point, all battles were over world (meaning you weren't teleported away to a little arena). At one point, I dressed half the players in blue uniforms and called them "Cops". At 2 points in time, I quit, and then created a new identity so that I wouldn't have to admit that I really hadn't quit... I mean I regret all these things, but in the end, they've made Origins what it is today. And I'm proud of that.

If you were to hand out Origins Awards who would receive the following: (asked by Zero)

Worst Troll: Yolanda
Most Perverted: Zero
Biggest Flirt: Zero aswell..
Know it All: Zenix
Easy Going: Sunshine

What are your future plans/hopes/dreams for Origins? (asked by Zero)
Very broad question, but overall, I just want to see it with a finished map and story line, with the very least of 150 attacks done. That's when I'll consider it "finished"

Are you planning to add all five generation Pokemon little by little? (asked by LeoX and Aleks)
No, I do not. I had planned to stop at generation II, but then changed my mind. So now, we have to icon all the generation III Pokemon, as well as update the Pokemon Data. It is a lot of work to move from one generation. MAYBE one day, I will add Generation IV, but only if the rest of the game is near completion and I have dedicated people like Nen and Richie to help me! But never Generation V...

Are you planning to program all the attacks? (asked by LeoX)
Yes and No. I want to add all the attacks, but the likliness of this happening are very low. We'll see. Again, its one of those things I'll probably work on, once the game is more /complete/.

Are you planning to add most of the TMs and HMs in the super store so players can buy them? (asked by LeoX)
I will have a large chunk of TMs in the store, but some TMs I'm gonna limit to one per person. By that, I mean they will be hidden on the map. I might even add the Item Finder for those who are willing to search for them!

If you do add all starters for the five generations, will non-members be able to get the starters for most of the generations? (asked by LeoX)
Even now, I would like to make a way for people to get a second starter, including the Johto or Hoenn starters. Its one of those things I will work on when I have time.. I keep saying that a lot.

How long do you think it will take for you to add in most of the Pokemon? (asked by LeoX)
It will take me as long as it will take to finish the Map. Once I finish the map, it'll be easy to access where each Pokemon should go, and at what Badge it should appear. Right now, I'm just playing it by ear, but always intended to make all the Pokemon available somehow. Not that you have to win an event to get one.

Will we be seeing more characters from the Anime, such as Team Rocket, Ash, Misty, Brock, etc? (asked by Aleks)
Yes. My current plans for a story line include characters from the anime. However, Ash, Misty and Brock haven't made it into the script yet.. Sounds like a cool idea though.

What inspires you to make a piece of map in the joleon region? (asked by Tunder)
Good Question. I don't really know how the map turns out. Sometimes, I just want a certain town or feature. For example, the forest.. I just wanted a forest and a forest related town. Elkvale and the Elkvale Woods were the result. I wanted a Port or Seaside town, thats Ridgeport. And I wanted a metropolis like Celadon or Goldenrod. That's Net City. Other ideas come from different sources.

Bloomsberry Lake came from a beta design of Mahogany town in Gold/Silver. I really wanted a big lake, with a town at its base. So I like how it turned out.
Q&A Contest Strangemap2 Mirage City and the desert were from Emereld, when I found out about Mirage tower. I easily fiddled with the icon and the design for a sand town in the middle of the desert was born. Lycus Valley was the start though. When I started making the game, I wanted people to have a choice on which gym they fought first and how they progressed through the game. Lets face it, not every trainer beat the 8 gymleaders in the exact same way. So I made the starting town a valley with 4 directions in which the player COULD go. In reality, you can face any of the gymleaders first.

Other than that though, I mainly look through sprite sheets from spriters resource so I can sort of see how the original game designers did it. Very Good Question.

Is any characters related to the story gonna be based of an actual player? (asked by Tunder)
Yes, and there may be more on the way. I have revealed this information already, but only briefly. I'll leave you guessing on which players, but I will say that they are part of the NEXUS Executive Staff. They will hold a role after the Pokemon League.

Also, there is a Judge in the contests who is loosely based off an old player who quit playing some time ago. Her name was Candy and she loved Parasect.

Any plans of an 8th gym leader in any way? (asked by Tunder)
Yes. It ties in with the question "Is any characters related to the story gonna be based of an actual player?"

Do you think your working at a nice phase or not? (asked by Tunder)
Right now, I find my pace to be really slow. I expect it to speed up during the summer months.

Would you consider your childhood normal? (asked by Flamegame)
No. I was diagnosed with a genetic deformity that prevents the development of enamel. This is a thin layer of protection on your teeth. Because I was born without it, my teeth literally rotted out of my mouth. They eroded to the point where they were so sharp, I remember being able to rip open freezes as a child. When I was 12, my teeth were yellow and black and it hurt to eat any kinds of food. The doctors said I would need to have all my teeth either caped to protect them, or I would have to get false teeth. I choose a perfect smile. However, before this, I was often bullied for my teeth, which other children considered to be a result of bad hygiene.

If you could change 1 part of your body or genetics, would you, what would it be, and why. (asked by Flamegame)
Of course, who wouldn't? I would obviously fix my genetics to eradicate my genetic disease. I'm not sure if your sexuality is genetic or caused by your upbringing, but if it is genetic, I would want to be heterosexual. I have accepted that I am gay, however I would never wish upon someone to be a minority. It is an extremely hard lifestyle and your selection of partners becomes extremely more limited.

However unhappy I am with my parents.. product.. I live a happy life, knowing that the challenges I have faced have made me the person I am today. Cheers.

Do you ever plan on having player gymleaders instead of NPC's? (asked by Flamegame)
Yes, I do. It would be a separate league than the storyline, and basically players could apply for a gymleader position. Then they would receive the ability to set their gym location, and give out a badge. People would be able to make their gym wherever they wanted. It could be in the forest, on a route, in a cave, etc etc. However, I would remove the gym if it was in an inappropriate place (such as in the middle of town). Badges would either be the default ones from the games, or people could submit their own badge design.

Why did you keep "changing" ownership? (asked by Flamegame)
Please see "If you could change anything about what you did, working on Pokemon Origins, what would you change? Why?"

There are any chances for you to get one or more coders to help you finish the game faster? (asked by Titan)
I have worked on other games with other people. This means that they take partial ownership and they work on the game code-wise. The only problem with this is sometimes, they don't know what they're doing, sometimes they don't like what you are doing, sometimes when you are determined to work on something, they have the source, sometimes they betray you. There are a lot of bad things that could happen, and very few people that I trust AND can code. If Nen or Richie were at my level of experience, I would share the work. But.. otherwise no.

How big the player base should be in your opinion? (asked by Titan)
I would love if we had an average of 20 players online at any given moment. Thats a nice sized community, and sure I would appreciate more, but I would be satisfied with that number. I feel with the quality that I strive for, the game deserves more.

What kind of things are you gonna implement in the game to attract more players?(excluding the gyms) (asked by Titan)
Very broad, but here is a list:

  • Finish the contest and tournament system to give out Event Tokens and such
  • Finish a Team/Organization system that is interactive and not just a grouping of players
  • Add somewhere to just battle, possibly being able to borrow or rent Pokemon so that you can fool around with all the different attacks and Pokemon. Maybe a Stadium? (Har Har)
  • Make each Pokemon available, either through quest, finding in the grass, or by trade.
  • Adding an Orange Island arpeggio. I want these 4 gyms to be tasks or something different from battling. They will be solely based off the Anime.
  • Finishing all the moves
  • Make the players collect 100 flags located around Jerusalem maybe?.. I mean Joleon..

The event tokens/tokens shop are going to be finished soon? (asked by Titan)
Probably not, but sure.

Where did you get the names of the GymLeaders and Towns from? (asked by Bloggers)
Wayne - Rain, which relates to his type of WATER
Mary-Anna = Is another name for a /certain/ type of herb. I'm sure most of you can figure that out.
Omar and Julie(Originally planned as a tagteam Gymleader) = Ohms and Joules, measurements of electricity
Arial = Air, which relates to her type of FLYING
Corey = Core, which relates to his type of GROUND
Felix = Not sure, it started with F. For FIRE.
Jackie = Jackie Chan, a well known Martial Artist. Relates to his type of FIGHTING.

When the Elite 4 is eventually in, do you plan this to be NPC Controlled or Player controlled? (asked by Bloggers)
The Elite Four within the story will be NPC Controlled, however they have not been planned yet. There will be a Player Elite Four eventually, once the story line is complete.

Whats your favourite car? (asked by Bloggers)
I no nothing about cars to be honest. I know how to change the oil, the air filter, and the windshield wiper fluid.. That's about it.

Why did you add Generation 3 before completing the mapping of the 1st Gen and 2nd Gen pokemon? (asked by Bloggers)
In an attempt to raise player satisfaction. I found through my research that a lot of other Pokemon games went past Generation II, sometimes to Generation V. I wasn't a big fan of the switch to be honest, it went against my plan. But overall, I'm happy we did. People seem to like the new Pokemon.

Do you plan to add Bikes in the near future? (asked by Bloggers)
No, I don't. Simply because the player icon is always going to be different, bikes icon would always be difficult to do. Instead, I added running shoes as an alternative to faster transport. Soon Fly will be added for public use as well.

Some say, your Dion, True or False? If False, do you have any contact with him?
I am Dion. Please refer to "If you could change anything about what you did, working on Pokemon Origins, what would you change? Why?".

Whos your Favourite GM? (asked by Bloggers)
I like all my GMs equally for very different reasons.

Would you ever pass the source onto someone if you planned on leaving the game? If so, who? (asked by Lionel)
If I honestly decided it was best for me to leave the game, I would leave the game with Richie. I know he can't continue it by himself, but I believe he'd be able to make the right choice in finding someone to continue the game properly and in my image.

How long have Richie, Kanda, and Nen been helping you with the game? (asked by Lionel)
Richie has been with this game since it first came out. Kanda had always been there as well, and then quit/stopped playing about 6 months ago. Nen quickly stepped up to take Kanda's place and is still working on th e game to this day.

If you wanted to give someone a prize in the game for something that saved it from getting removed from BYOND, What would it be? (asked by Lionel)
Sounds like you know something I don't. You wouldn't be trying to set me up for something, would you?

What was the first building you made into the game? (asked by Lionel)
Probably the Pokemon Center from the very start. Originally, Elkvale was the first town.

Why did you change the map from what it oringaly was? (asked by Reaper)
Halfway through the game's production, I changed what I wanted. I wanted the game to not be linear, meaning you had to face the first gymleader, then the second, then the third, etc etc. So now, the game is more open, and can be played however the player wants. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but I like it.

Why did you give out the source to Origins. (asked by Reaper)
At the time, the source was plagued with a problem that was causing the server to crash. I couldn't located the problem and it was preventing me from moving forward with the games progress. There was a point where I just quit, I gave up, and said I'd give everyone the chance to fix the game and get it working. Whoever could do that had the right to the source. As you can see, no one was able to do that in the 4-5 month hiatus where I was not working on the game. So that is why you don't see any active rips of Pokemon Origins. Eventually, I came back and removed the source.

Why was in the orginal map there were wild Pokemon at certain levels (asked by Reaper)
Please refer to Why did you change the map from what it oringaly was?. Basically, the Pokemon needed to corespond to the path the player choose. They couldn't be linear either.

What happen to Dion? (asked by Reaper)
I am Dion. I created the identity Alexander Powers, and stuck with it, after I quit for the second time. Please refer to If you could change anything about what you did, working on Pokemon Origins, what would you change? Why?

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Post  lionel on Thu May 03, 2012 12:51 am

On the second last question,yeah i would never set you up for something,not worth it at all when im addicted to the game myself,just wanted to know what thing u find special in your mind as a prize maybe a special poke you like but i said it in a weird way xD sorry Razz

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Post  Alexander on Fri May 04, 2012 9:43 pm

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Post  Alexander on Sun May 06, 2012 5:16 pm

To Zenix, I read your questions. I was going to answer them, but was in a rush when I read them. However they seem to have gone missing for whatever reason.
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