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Napping Nuisance! Empty Napping Nuisance!

Name of quest:Napping Nuisance!

Location: Pokemon Ranch

Step one: you are on your path to adventuring when suddenly , you come by a ranch with those farm type pokemon , you know Tauros ,miltank ,kangahskan and Duduo's. In a Fence. You walk into the farmhouse and talk to the owner , Bradley.

Bradley , Hey there traveler hows your pokemon adventure going. it seems you have been lucky enough to land on my ranch , I call it the Branch ranch. lately our season is going good , the tuaros are plowing faster then ever and the miltanks are practically oozing with milk now , we dont even have enough room for it all , Here take a bottle on complements of the house. now you are about to leave the house


Bradley -what was that?

Step 2: you walk outside to find a snorlax broken through the fence , he is eating everything in bradelys storage Silo's , after the Silo's are emptied the snorlax vanishes exit of the fence he broke . a long with half of the pokemon he had on the farm vanishes too

Bradley- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO , This is terrible , I have no harvest this year. hardly any pokemon left to try and come back . *insert adventures name here* will you Track down my missing pokemon , Without you I dont think I can find them all. I think about 2 tuaros's , 2 miltanks and a kanghaskan have escaped , they will probably stay together out there . here are thier balls

Step 3 : You have to go find the missing pokemon , there is a tiny trail of miltank milk that is the trail you follow the trail until you come across them far away from the ranch , possibly the place where they were caught at first by bradely , you walk up to them and the Tuaros look like they are about to charge , You then battle them , I was think two level 30 tuaros's.

You beat the tauros's and then the miltanks are glaring at you , then get into a rollout for and you battle those two , I was thinking two level 40's

Then after the Miltanks are done with , the last of the pokemon kangaskahn flee's in fear that it will beat taken back to the ranch.

Step 4 : going after the "leader of the rebelion" you go , you find him farther in a cave in a corner , as you approach it , it moves towards you with a vicous stare , and realese a Big beam at you , I was thinking a hyper beam,This is to dangerous for you , you go back to Bradley.

Bradely- I see you have found 4/5 of missing pokemon , but where is kangaskan , Oh I see she is usually the calmest one of the group , do you still have that milk I gave you , miltank milk has a way of calming pokemon when there angry , it truly is magical. Just give it to her she will calm down.

Step 5 - Calming the beast , you return to the cave the kangaskahn had retreated into , you approach it again , it is about to attack , when you hand out the bottle of milk , it walks up to you snatches the bottle and returns to the corner , it moves out the way and you see a baby kangaskhan that the mother hands the milk too.

As you get closer the kangskan is looking really protective about her baby , and she attacks you , I was think it would be like level 55-60. you beat it and now back to bradely you go.

Step 6 : You returned all the pokemon , now bradelys farm can make a low comeback for the season.

Bradely- great job , you got them all , whats this you say kangaskan had a baby and she was protecting them , Thats great , now if anything happens the kangaskan will be able to protect the farm if anything happen , kangaskan , is actually the guardian of this ranch, she looks over all of it to make sure nothing go abrupt .

Bradly- now that all my pokemon are back we can return to our business , I guess that little excursion that they went on , help them more , my miltanks are begging to be milked , and tauros must of been running alot they seem faster. I cant thank you enough. You can count this as a job well done.

Quest complete.

Rewards- I dont know yet , maybe some people can make suggestions.

I was thinking that after you get a 5th badge bradley will have another quest for you to go and get revenge on the snorlax , and with that quest the snorlax near elkvale will be gone. But this is a basically a pre-requisition for the snorlax quest.

Leave me opinions please and thank you


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Napping Nuisance! :: Comments


Post on Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:04 pm  Bloggers

Reward, maybe Poke Flute or Moo Moo Milk?

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Post on Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:10 pm  Riddler

Possibly Hybearbeam TM , because the Kangaskahn was gonna about to use it

moo moo milk that would allow pokemon happiness to be raised by 5% for a bottle that cost 750$

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Post on Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:23 pm  Jak2k9

i agree with Bloggers, the Poke Flute can wake up the snorlax in uhm that one town :3

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Post on Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:53 am  Riddler

I was gonna make the pokeflute the reward for snorlax quest

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