Richie's Tournament Rules version 1.4

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Richie's Tournament Rules version 1.4 Empty Richie's Tournament Rules version 1.4

Post  Richie100 on Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:01 pm

These are the rules for tournaments hosted by Richie ONLY, unless someone else hosting an event says that they are using these rules.

Subbing: Subbing is permitted. However, if you sub out a pokemon, you must send out a different pokemon in its place.

Banned Moves: If you use a banned move, and the judges know its intentional, you will have a match loss. If it wasn't intentional, you will be given a warning for the first offense, get that pokemon killed for the second, and get a match loss for the third offense.

Banned Pokemon: If you use a banned pokemon, you will recieve a match loss, be asked to deposit it into the PC, and if you use it again, you will be disqualified from the tournament.

Alternate Pokemon: If you have an alternate pokemon registered, you maye sub them out for one of the pokemon in your team at any time in between battles. You may not use an alternate pokemon in your first battle.

Limit on Each Pokemon Used: You may only enter with up to ONE of each Pokemon unless specified otherwards by the person who is hosting the tournament.

Attack Spamming: You may not use more than one attack at once. You are however allowed to use a move to get out of using another move. For example, if Charizard is using flamethrower, he is allowed to use wing attack to regain his movement. Whether or not you are spamming is a decision that is made by the judge that is watching your battle.

Sending Out First: The person whose name is called out first when the pairings are announced has to send out first.

*Please note that these rules are subject to change at any time.

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